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One week kayak fishing with PikeStrike


The last week was amazing, we caught so many pikes and it was an great experience to combine fly-fishing for pike and kayakfishing. The bays and areas you showed us were fantastic, not only for fishing, also for relaxing and enjoying the great nature, and moreover we caught pikes at every spot you told us.

Flyfishing for gädda from a kayak is for sure the greatest fishing you can do. I had tried a lot of different techniques for pikefishing during the last years, but flyfishing for pike from a kayak for me is better and more exciting than anything else.

Eva had also a lot of fun and she was impressed how easy it is to handle the kayak. We will come back for sure to your great area, your nice cottage and our so nice neighbors (you and Christin ;) ) were so wonderfull.

Thank you so much for one of the best holidays we had.

Best wishes and tight lines

Simon und Eva

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