Winter kayak fishing package

Winter kayak fishing for pike is something very special. It´s an experience that will blow you away! You will get in close combat with many pike IF you fish from a fishing kayak. This package is bookable from the first of November until the end of December.

Our winter package consists of the wonderful Jordö "Small" Cottage, the perfect sea cottage. The price is for up to three persons and includes up to three fishing kayaks. 

Please note that the boat presented on the film is not included - instead you use kayaks. 

In late autumn the majority of pike migrate into the vast inner archipelagos shallow bays. The main reason is that the water temperature actually is higher there due do the thick clay seabeds that absorb warmth. That means that pike is rather easy to find IF you are really careful without spooking them. Any sound, a shadow from a boat etc spook the pike, but with a kayak you can get really close. This kind of fishing is very exciting. It´s almost like stealth hunting. You paddle standing up trying to spot the pike or the dust cloud from one that swims away. When you see the first pike you know that there are more pike close by The pike normally form small groups during the winter. It´s very important to fish your bait very, very slow and with many and rather long stops. The most efficient way to do that is by fly fishing. We normally fly fish with a 8-10 class fly rod and a floating or slow intermediate fly line. If you don´t do fly fishing with a normal fly rod, you might instead use a spinning rod, a bombarda/casting float, a long, tapered leader with a pike fly on the end. This way you can cast longer than with a fly rod and, with a bit of training, present the fly in the same way as with a fly rod.

How to book
One full week, Saturday to Saturday
One fishing kayak per person (3 max) Yes
Combustion toilette Yes
Shower Yes
New kitchen Yes
Micro wave oven Yes
Dish washer Yes
Fridge and freezer Yes
Cabel TV Yes
Big porch Yes
Barbecue grill Yes
Out door furniture, table and chairs Yes
Air condition
Price: 13000 SEK (total price for up to three persons)

We also offer extended weekend packages from Thursday morning to Sunday evening. All other is the same as for the weekly package. The price for such a package is 7900 SEK.

Winter fly fishing for pike from fishing kayaks

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How to book

You book your fishing adventure by sending us a message trough "GET IN TOUCH" (below). Please let us know what package your are interested of, what dates and if you have any questions or preferences. You will then get all information and specifications based on your inquiry. 25% of the agreed price for the package you have chosen should be payed as soon as possible after confirming your booking. The final payment, 75% of the total sum, should be payed thirty days before arrival at the the latest